sea kayakers paddling through a mangrove tunnel Mirage at anchor with thunderstorm in the distance several species of birds on shoreline side view of paddlers with a sailboat in the distance Paddlers landing and putting gear away on Mirage Reflection of distant thunder storms in calm, blue water Sea kayaker hanging onto a rocky over hang Sea kayaks on the beach and swimmers in the surf Mirage at anchor with rays from the sunset as a back drop

Kayak Voyagers offers live aboard mothership tours in The Bahamas and south Florida. So come join us on Mirage, our live aboard mother ship. She provides the perfect platform to explore the islands from kayaks and paddle boards. Our guests live comfortably during our voyage on Mirage as we move to and from any number of anchorages around the islands. Paddlers can launch and land conveniently from the lower deck on the outrigger. Spend your days exploring the various coastlines and abundant wildlife. Then return at end of the day to find comfortable shelter, wonderful food and camaraderie back aboard Mirage.

This season, December 2016 – June 2017

     We are excited to be offering trips in the the barrier islands in Southwest Florida. The gulf islands, as they are referred to locally, provide diverse paddling environments. Many of the islands make good circumnavigation routes in fair weather. Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor are among the most productive estuaries in Florida. Fishing is world class as well as the wildlife viewing.

So brush the dust off your sense of adventure. The gulf islands, with their stunning wildlife life, unique native history and diverse paddling, are calling.

Testimonial by Pete Hohmann


     “I highly recommend Kayak Voyagers and the mothership, Mirage. Last march, I brought a team of kayakers from northern Virginia to spend a week on Mirage near Cape Coral, Florida, a trip that included Cayo Costa and Sanibel Island. Keith is good at planning the paddling trips to match the group’s experience level and expectations, so we were all satisfied with the challenges. It was great to paddle all day, come back to a comfortable ship, have a drink, enjoy great appetizers, and then socialize as we ate delicious home-cooked style meal prepared by Camille.

The design of the ship with its large outrigger (ama) makes getting in and out of the kayaks easy. The ama and the main boat together create a big deck area for dining and socializing. This area can be enclosed just in case it is a rainy and windy. We had one such day, but we still had a good time together in the enclosed deck space and it turned out to be one of the more memorable days.

The kayaks are very high quality – NDK and Current Design kayaks, plus BIC stand up paddle boards. Keith is a good sea kayaker and is able to help newer kayakers develop their skills.

More than anything else, I just enjoyed being with Keith and Camille. They are quality people and just fun to be around. Camille is a treasure, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. Keith is a very competent captain of his ship. I highly recommend Kayak Voyagers to anyone.”

Pete Hohmann

kayaker in Romany

Pete ready to help

Paddling instructor for Prince William Parks and Recreation

ACA Kayak, SUP and Addaptive Paddlesports Instructor