Day Trips

Group Discounts:

We offer group discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% for groups of four, five and six respectively. Each outing is limited to a total of six guests. Call or message for more details.


All inclusive, guided tour: $200 weekdays, $250 weekends.

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Evening dinner cruise: $150 weekdays, $200 weekends.

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Paddler approaching the ama

Landing on Mirage

Day Trips:

Our day trips originate in Back Bay behind Captain Con’s Resturant in Bokellia. We will weigh anchor early, between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, allowing time to cruise out to one of the many islands in Pine Island Sound. Where we anchor depends on the weather and the skill level of the group. Paddlers can launch and return right from the outrigger on Mirage. We will return to Back Bay late in the afternoon. Lunch is provided as is all of the equipment and paddling gear.

Your guides will be experienced paddlers and knowledgeable about the natural history and native history of the islands. For a description of the area you will be paddling, visit our web page: destinations, gulf islands .

fishing boat leaving wake in calm water at sunset

Shrimpers on Gasparilla Sound passing by Mirage

Dinner Cruise:

Our dinner cruises originate in Back Bay behind Captain Con’s Restaurant in Bokellia. We will weigh anchor mid to late afternoon, depending on the season and cruise either Charlotte Harbor or Pine Island Sound. We will return to Back Bay in the early evening. Wine, beer or cocktails provided. Contact us for food and dietary preferences.

Mirage offers a stable platform for enjoying an evening dinner on the water. However, inclement weather may disrupt our plans occasionally. Stay in touch with us if you have booked well in advance. Bookings are totally refundable.