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     “My husband and I joined them during the 2013 Gulf Islands season. Keith took us out the afternoon we arrived, giving us excellent advice for improving our paddling. He tailors lessons to his customers’ experience level, and we needed a lot of instruction. After only an hour, though, i had improved my paddling and had a much better sense of how to make my kayak do what I wanted it to do. As I practiced, Keith pointed out dolphins swimming nearby, as well as birds and nests. It was a preview of the many adventures to come.

Our days were packed. We kayaked extensively, braving choppy waters and wind, speeding along shorelines, paddling leisurely through beautiful coves and inlets, and encountering manatees, fish and a myriad of birds, from herons and egrets to pileated woodpeckers and roseate spoonbills.

It’s not all kayaking and bird watching. We took several opportunities to explore the islands, looking for shells, hiking the trails and having lunch on the beach.

After long days kayaking and beach-combing, we would dine watching the sunset over the water. Camille is an excellent cook, and she and Keith are fascinating and lively companions. We spent evenings drinking wine and talking as the light faded. At night, we would open the hatch to our cabin so we could watch the stars.

I had worried that I’d be unable to sleep on the boat, as I suffer from severe motion sickness, but I didn’t take a single pill during our trip. Mirage is amazingly stable, whether anchored for the evening or travelling to the next adventure. I enjoyed every moment and slept soundly at night.

The time flew by. Before we knew it, we were departing with hugs and promises to stay in touch. My husband and I have taken many vacations in our twenty years together, and we agreed that our time aboard Mirage with Camille and Keith was our best vacation ever. We hope to join them in the bahamas soon.”

Kathleen McEvoy

posing on beach

posing on beach at Cayo Costa